Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I cooked!!! LOL., really. it's for real. i cooked. real food. with real pots and pans.


i knew no one would believe i made a picture story. : )

First, start with some sangria. : )
...and get all the "stuff"...

Then, get everything cut and ready…

..and while the chicken is cookin’...

...add some cheese...


P.S. I love my coffeemaker. LOL.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Grease, clarified.

Grease is the word, is the word, is the word…

I thought the kids from West Beverly were the oldest high schoolers ever…until I rewatched grease. These “kids” look like they could be the parents of high schoolers. As I watched grease through adult eyes, it was like a completely different movie.

Top 3 things I misunderstood in the movie grease

1. “If you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter.”

Meaning as a kid

Meaning as an adult

2. Annette v. a net.

Meaning as a kid:
“You mean her jugs are bigger than the nets?”


are bigger than the

Meaning as an adult:

"Her jugs are bigger than Annette's."


Meaning as a kid:

“Would you pull that crap with a net?”
(which I found to be somewhat disturbing, even as a child.

Meaning as an adult:

“Would you pull that crap with Annette?”

Ohhhhhh….her again.

“Rizzo, youre doing that without a net?”
…a real net this time. Finally, one that i actually did understand.

3. Conversations that made more sense later:

Kenickie: "My 25 cent insurance policy. It broke.”
Rizzo: “How can it break?”
Kenickie: “I bought it when I was in the seventh grade.”

…I get it now. They’re not talking about like state farm or something.

Danny: "Man, I don’t know about these chicks."
Kenickie: "Yeah, they’re only good for one thing."
Sonny: "So what are you supposed to do with them for the other 23 hours and 45 minutes of the day?"
Putzie: "Is that all it takes? 15 minutes?"

“You are supreme; the chicks are cream...”
Which actually was…?
“You are supreme; the chicks WILL cream...”

Why was I allowed to watch this as a kid??!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Work Hijinks...

there hasn't been a good one of these in a while. gone seem to be the days of silly-stringing/toilet papering classrooms, stealing items, and plastering someone's classroom with random crap. til today. i revived the tradition.

i received an email early in the morning asking me to remind someone to send make-up work home with one of my students (for his absent cousin). i'm the world's worst person to ask to ask if you need to be reminded to do something. and so i decided to go a little over board with the reminders.

reminder 1: a personal email from me reminding her to send the work to me.
reminder 2: a text message about an hour later reminding her to send the work to me.
reminder 3: a student taped a very large, very neon sign to her door reminding her to send the work to me.
reminder 4: random emails throughout the day from about 12 different teachers, secretaries, administrators, as well as some friends of ours who work at other schools reminding her to send the work.
reminder 5: a phone message in her mailbox (written on official "while you were out" message paper reminding her to send the work.

long story short....she remembered to send the work.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

what is with the guys in target?

i knew on the way home today that something weird was going on; there was strange event after strange event today.

there i was rocking out in my car, minding my own business...and some weirdos pull up to my right side. and they stare. and stare. and stare. then...when it's gotten uncomfortable...they wave and start to roll down their window and shout things out the window. that was my cue to drive away. thank you, lord, for green lights.

next, i met jen at friday's for dinner. we walk in and are being seated by hostess. we turn the corner where a lone diner is eating. the lone diner begins to yell at the hostess (who, btw, had the most interesting hair that i could not stop staring at), "no, no, i told you, i have a CONDITION!" apparently the lone diner has some sort of illness where she cannot be around people, cleaning products, etc. it was most curious. i want to know the answers to the following questions:
a. what sort of illness does she have?
b. is it mental?
c. why go out in public if you cannot be around people?
d. why is she not in a bubble?

next, i'm off to target with a very specific list:
shaving cream (for a reading lesson)
jelly beans (for a math activity)
an "end of the term" gift for my intern

...i should know better than to even walk through the doors of target without adult supervision.

...those 4 items cost me way more than they needed to.

so as i'm browsing the aisles of target a man walks up to me and asks me how i'm going. um...well, i'm okay, thanks, and i walk away.

the man proceeds to follow me talking to me and asking me if i "still live over there?" apparently this man lives in my apartment complex. he's seen me at the pool. weird.

this is the second guy to chat me up in a target. the first one was a while back. a weirdo kept following me around the store with some woman. at one point i'm over there minding my own business looking at cards and i hear "hi" from behind me. i turn around to see the stalker standing behind me. he hands me a piece of paper and says, "i think you should call me." well, okay then. thanks. i can't remember exactly what his note said, but long story short - he gave me his number. *eye roll*

so weird. to watch the idol result show. : )

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday Update...

not an incredibly important or entertaining post, but a post nonetheless...

i was a little late to a facial appointment today, but i made it...and that was the important thing. nothing can beat the fabulousness that is the facial. all of the things that relax the soul...soothing music, the sound of running water from the fountain, a warm bed, and dim lights. oh...and the facial itself. it's so amazing. steam, exfoliation, masks...soooo fantastic. if you need a good esthetician, let me know.

came home to watch a documentary on the brain called....The Brain. lol. if youre reading this and you don't know me (cant really imagine that's going on), i've had two brain surgeries in my life. as a result, i am fascinated by all things brain. if youre in a mood to learn, i 100% suggest watching it. my brain, however, is probably not going to be able to sleep tonight. i just had my second cup of coffee...oops.

found a horse in my refrigerator. lol.

currently, i am watching american idol, season 8. yeah, i know, i lead an extraordinary exciting life.

the rating scale is as follows:

fabulous = danny's personal rating

medium good = theyre usually good, but not as good as danny

eh = i don't really care about them bc they aren't as good as danny

boo = they don't need to be on the show (bc they arent as good as danny)

my idol ratings thus far are the following:

danny - fabulous. love him.

kris - medium good.

lil - eh. she's on the needs to go list.

anoop - eh. he's on the needs to go list.

scott - boo. he's on the needs to go list.

allison - medium good.

matt - medium good.

adam - medium good. i hate him. and how much make-up does one have to wear to cover their freckles that flawlessly? to watch 90210. ; )

; )

Friday, April 3, 2009

Random Question of the day

Who in the hell is using webdings/wingdings? and for what purpose?

here's a fun message for you to translate:

previously, on LOST...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

you need to start the blogging.

here's a fun dialogue.

well, to me.

"do you think that's your best picture?"
"'s not supposed to be."
"oh, okay."

so yeah, i know that picture's not the best (read: i'm way better looking than that - lol); it just portrays the thoughts in my head most of the time.

so there.

welcome to mandyland, population: 1.

i don't blog....shiiiiit. tell that to my 19,000 blog views on myspace.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

starting over.

....and 5 years of blogging down the drain.....the tragedy.