Wednesday, April 8, 2009

what is with the guys in target?

i knew on the way home today that something weird was going on; there was strange event after strange event today.

there i was rocking out in my car, minding my own business...and some weirdos pull up to my right side. and they stare. and stare. and stare. then...when it's gotten uncomfortable...they wave and start to roll down their window and shout things out the window. that was my cue to drive away. thank you, lord, for green lights.

next, i met jen at friday's for dinner. we walk in and are being seated by hostess. we turn the corner where a lone diner is eating. the lone diner begins to yell at the hostess (who, btw, had the most interesting hair that i could not stop staring at), "no, no, i told you, i have a CONDITION!" apparently the lone diner has some sort of illness where she cannot be around people, cleaning products, etc. it was most curious. i want to know the answers to the following questions:
a. what sort of illness does she have?
b. is it mental?
c. why go out in public if you cannot be around people?
d. why is she not in a bubble?

next, i'm off to target with a very specific list:
shaving cream (for a reading lesson)
jelly beans (for a math activity)
an "end of the term" gift for my intern

...i should know better than to even walk through the doors of target without adult supervision.

...those 4 items cost me way more than they needed to.

so as i'm browsing the aisles of target a man walks up to me and asks me how i'm going. um...well, i'm okay, thanks, and i walk away.

the man proceeds to follow me talking to me and asking me if i "still live over there?" apparently this man lives in my apartment complex. he's seen me at the pool. weird.

this is the second guy to chat me up in a target. the first one was a while back. a weirdo kept following me around the store with some woman. at one point i'm over there minding my own business looking at cards and i hear "hi" from behind me. i turn around to see the stalker standing behind me. he hands me a piece of paper and says, "i think you should call me." well, okay then. thanks. i can't remember exactly what his note said, but long story short - he gave me his number. *eye roll*

so weird. to watch the idol result show. : )


  1. I think you should stop going to Target! lol

    However, I don't think I could manage that - I, too, am a Targetaholic, and should have adult supervision while there! I stopped in on Friday expecting to pick up a few things and spent 3 times more than I wanted to! At least I didn't encounter weirdos!!!

  2. lol - maybe we should supervise each other the next time we need to go. lol. although, i have to warn you...i can find a reason to NEED to buy anything. lol.

    i always attract the freaks. i'll post some old myspace blogs about why guys are freaks - lol.

  3. Hold on, what does that mean, "I always attract the freaks"?

  4. you know EXACTLY what that means.

  5. Lulz.

    I went to Target the other day to buy my dog a new bed and I'm not kidding you I spent over $300. On crap! That I din't need! But somehow was convinced I needed it at the time! Oh Target, you will be the death of me...

  6. seriously. it's ridiculous.

    i need to go back on my target ban. at least they've gone steadily downhill in the apparel department. spending less and less on the clothes in there as the ugly level increases. now i spend that money elsewhere.

    i just continue to tell myself that i'm stimulating the economy. ; )