Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday Update...

not an incredibly important or entertaining post, but a post nonetheless...

i was a little late to a facial appointment today, but i made it...and that was the important thing. nothing can beat the fabulousness that is the facial. all of the things that relax the soul...soothing music, the sound of running water from the fountain, a warm bed, and dim lights. oh...and the facial itself. it's so amazing. steam, exfoliation, masks...soooo fantastic. if you need a good esthetician, let me know.

came home to watch a documentary on the brain called....The Brain. lol. if youre reading this and you don't know me (cant really imagine that's going on), i've had two brain surgeries in my life. as a result, i am fascinated by all things brain. if youre in a mood to learn, i 100% suggest watching it. my brain, however, is probably not going to be able to sleep tonight. i just had my second cup of coffee...oops.

found a horse in my refrigerator. lol.

currently, i am watching american idol, season 8. yeah, i know, i lead an extraordinary exciting life.

the rating scale is as follows:

fabulous = danny's personal rating

medium good = theyre usually good, but not as good as danny

eh = i don't really care about them bc they aren't as good as danny

boo = they don't need to be on the show (bc they arent as good as danny)

my idol ratings thus far are the following:

danny - fabulous. love him.

kris - medium good.

lil - eh. she's on the needs to go list.

anoop - eh. he's on the needs to go list.

scott - boo. he's on the needs to go list.

allison - medium good.

matt - medium good.

adam - medium good. i hate him. and how much make-up does one have to wear to cover their freckles that flawlessly?

...off to watch 90210. ; )

; )


  1. A horse in your refrigerator? How very odd.

  2. Yes. Please explain. Thanks in advance.

  3. I'll third the request. That's worth sticking around for. And speaking of horses, it reminded me of this story that I saw today. Whoa.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. @ shawn: yes, yes it was. imagine that.

    @ heather and jeff: so yeah...once upon a time there was a boy that smuggled a small plastic horse from a store. the boy was very proud of his thievery. the horse ended up in all sorts of weird places: in a purse, in the bed under the covers, etc.

    one day a girl came home from school and found said horse in the refigerator. on top of a half-eaten bar of dark chocolate.

    this story doesnt really have an ending, but...you get the idea. lol.

    ...and jeff...lmao @ the horse with a weave.

  6. p.s. jeff: any relation to paul f.?

  7. No relation to Paul F. Sorry. But I promise, if I were related, I would get you an autograph. It's the thought that counts, right?

  8. Hm... lemme guess. The thief was a shark of some sort?