Thursday, April 9, 2009

Work Hijinks...

there hasn't been a good one of these in a while. gone seem to be the days of silly-stringing/toilet papering classrooms, stealing items, and plastering someone's classroom with random crap. til today. i revived the tradition.

i received an email early in the morning asking me to remind someone to send make-up work home with one of my students (for his absent cousin). i'm the world's worst person to ask to ask if you need to be reminded to do something. and so i decided to go a little over board with the reminders.

reminder 1: a personal email from me reminding her to send the work to me.
reminder 2: a text message about an hour later reminding her to send the work to me.
reminder 3: a student taped a very large, very neon sign to her door reminding her to send the work to me.
reminder 4: random emails throughout the day from about 12 different teachers, secretaries, administrators, as well as some friends of ours who work at other schools reminding her to send the work.
reminder 5: a phone message in her mailbox (written on official "while you were out" message paper reminding her to send the work.

long story short....she remembered to send the work.



  1. So...wait. What was she supposed to send? I forget. Why didn't anyone send me a reminder? :)

  2. lol. not sure, actually, what she sent....i just know it made the cousin's backpack really heavy. ; ) i'll include you on the joke next time.

  3. This is totally something I would do, too. I love it.